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Davines Circle Moments Hair Experience...

This week Davines launched their brand new hair care mask experience, Circle Moments. Five brand new masks for five days of the week added with rich nutrients, oils, vitamins and healthy hair benefits. We've broken down these fantastic new hair masks in the Circle Moments range so we can cater each mask to all of our clients hair types. Take a look at each new hair mask that we'll be offering in the salon and as a take home treatment, and what these mean, and how they can help your hair type!

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The Purity Circle

  • Infused with matcha tea extract
  • Detoxifies and replenishes hair vitality
  • Filled with antioxidants and rich in vitamins for hair and scalp


Wake-Up Circle

  • Infused with rhodiola extract
  • Helps relieve stress on the hair
  • Stimulates hair follicles


Renaissance Circle

  • Infused with babassu butter extract
  • Helps hair retain its nutrients and balances moisture levels
  • Enhances the hairs’ natural collagen and adds elasticity


Quick Fix Circle

  • Infused with hyaluronic acid
  • Contains added moisture and increase the hairs’ absorption levels
  • Boosts elasticity and hydration for the hair


Spotlight Circle

  • Infused with moringa oil
  • Naturally cleanses the hair and helps dry scalps
  • Filled with anti-inflammatory properties