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Hair Length Guide

In order to simplify our pricing structure we have tried to group hair lengths for services into short/medium and long/xlong which are shown on the Davines figure:

hair length

How Long is Your Hair?!

One of the main factors contributing to how we price our services is based on how much time we need to book out in our diary. Over the years we have found that in many instances the time needed for short and medium hair was the same, likewise Long and XLong hair also took a similar time. Therefore, in order to simplify the pricing structure both short and medium, long and extra long were grouped and given the same prices and diary times.

However, on some of the services the hair lengths are set at individual times and prices. On these services the lengths are classified as the following:

Short - To the ears

Medium - To the chin

Long - To the shoulders

XLong - To the center of the back

We will always try to give a thorough consultation before every service and advise of any price or time changes as there may be instances where we will need to change the hair length to a longer time slot either due to the realistic length, lateness or the volume and/or thickness of the hair. In most instances we have allowed for extra time in our booking slots but the stylist will always do their best to let you know if there will be any delay or further time needed.