Allilon Education with Johnny Othona at Samuel David Hairdressing

17 March, 2017 - by

Our stylists had a very special visit from Johnny Othona...

Allilon Hair Education is a top level hair education company, that provides the very best courses in training and seminars for passionate hairdressers.

A few weeks ago, our stylists at Samuel David had a two week training course, spread out over 4 days, where they learned from one of the top creative directors, Johnny Othona.

Over the course of the 4 days, the girls learnt:

Primary Shapes

– External, Internal, Horizontal and Vertical Shapes
– Elevation
– Sectioning
– Over-direction
– Expanded Shapes

and techniques on:

– Line
– Graduation
– Layering

Over the course of the 4 days of training, the girls learnt not only new techniques with shaping and hair cuts, but also discovered their own individual creativity.

Combined with their passion for the craft of hairdressing, the girls learnt how to communicate their learning effectively and become more confident in new cutting techniques.

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