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Box Dye: Is It Worth The Risk?

25 September, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

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We’ve all been there. You open the pages to a magazine and there is your favourite celebrity fashion icon, rocking that striking shade of platinum blonde down the runway. It’s the colour you’ve been longing for and you want it now. Enter, bad at-home-ombres, botched bottle blondes and mismatched skin and hair tones. It’s every hairdresser’s worst nightmare, the dreaded box dye.

From the outset, box dyes are attractive because they claim to offer you, your desired colour within one box. However, the chemicals, ingredients and overall damage done to the hair within one simple box can sometimes be irreparable, even for the most experienced of stylists to fix. Not only that, but there are an abundance of health implications that can potentially occur, without the advice of a hair care professional, especially if you have never dyed your hair yourself before at home.

After years of box dying her hair, client Andrea came to us to have a professional salon service to try and help repair some of the damage caused from over bleaching. Charlene transformed her hair from it’s dry and brittle state, to a healthier and stronger condition using her skills with Davines. Using Davines’ own damage reducing bleaching system the Century of Light.

The fact is, box dying will never be in the same league as a professional salon service, with the added wealth of expertise and advice that a stylist can give you. Box dyes work on the basis of ‘one size fits all’ without taking into consideration individual hair types, base colour tones or the overall condition of the hair.

Added to this are more serious health complications that can become known as time goes on during the colouring process, including reactions to PPD and sulphates. Even those who have used box dyes for years can gain an allergic reaction, as well as those who have never used them. The ingredients used, although tested again are compliant with the ‘one size fits all’ process. You can save yourself a lot of heartache (and potential hair loss!) and more costly hair services down the road by seeking a professional advisory hair service that most salon’s should offer. There are many procedures to ensure safe applications of colour, including; 24 hour skin patch tests and strand tests.

All of our staff at Samuel David are trained and well equipped with the knowledge from our staple salon brand, Davines. Being an eco-friendly hair colouring product and hair care line, Davines allows for the ease of information and being entirely open with the ingredients used within all their hair products, being PPD and sulphate free.

Take a look above at our gallery for some of our amazing colour transformations! For more information about our salon colour services don’t hesitate to call us or send over an email!

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