Davines IMPRINTER: The Mystery of the Cosmos

13 March, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

Artistic Director Angelo Seminara has taken the IMPRINTER to infinity, and beyond!

When Angelo Seminara released the IMPRINTER for Davines, we absolutely loved the versatility and diversity that this revolutionary new hair colour tool provided. The IMPRINTER was conceived and designed by Seminara for Davines to create a whole new way of colouring clients hair, to allow endless creativity. It allows the stylist to have more control in the colouring process, but also in the way in which they want to apply the colour to the hair, to create entirely individualistic styles. In designing and creating the product, Seminara has gone one step further, inspired by his love of the cosmos and our solar system to create the Cosmos IMPRINTER.

Cosmos Angelo Seminara


“The sky has been fascinating mankind since its origins: ancient populations would connect the stars with imaginary lines, thereby inventing the constellations and placing animals, mythological figures, objects and people in the heavens. 

Nowadays the universe is still largely a mystery, but we know that it is dominated by recurring designs. 

The hairstylist is likewise inspired by these designs: he is the guardian of constantly changing chromatic geometries shaped according to individual features, creating a universe of varied solutions.” – Angelo Seminara, Artistic Director for Davines

Speak to one of our stylist’s today at Samuel David Eco Salon about the IMPRINTER, and revolutionise the way you colour your hair!