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Davines – Renewable Energy

27 October, 2016 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Beauty from Davines

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Davines has always had a very clear vision from the production of all its products. By appreciating, and encouraging people to love and take care of themselves, and the enviroment in which they live. Their ideal of beauty is represented in their belief of ‘sustainable beauty’ and minimising the impact the production of their products has on the environment.

It is because of this belief, and their ethics that Samuel David Eco Salon adopted the Davines brand into the salon.

Samuel David Eco Salon & Our Vision…

All human activity produces carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently the energy provided by renewable energy sources comprises only 19% of world production.
It is also extremely important to aspire to a lifestyle that avoids CO2 emissions.

To offset the environmental impact, Davines uses renewable energy which  has supplied its plants and offices since 2006.
These inexhaustible sources of energy do not release CO2, they do not pollute and are constantly renewed.

At Samuel David Eco Salon, we use renewable energy as the source of all our electricity.  Used within the salon it enables fantastic results with a positive outcome for our clients and the environment.

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