Davines: The Eco Effect

24 April, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

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As a brand, Davines have always had a very clear mission from their humble beginnings in 1983, an aim to inspire and improve the quality of life and the planet through their eco-friendly, animal-friendly and sustainable beauty products. As it stands today, Davines has now garnered a strong community across 75 countries of thousands of like minded hair salons and hairdressers, who all aim to reflect Davines ethos of environmentally friendly and natural services.
The rise in salons now offering natural alternatives instead of harsher brands used in colouring, and haircare has become stratospheric in recent years, with Davines taking the lead. Other new eco brands such as; Reverie, Yarok, have also started becoming more popular among those seeking a more natural approach to their haircare solutions, but also through their beliefs surrounding global and economical changes on the planet.

The team at Samuel David Eco Salon are consistently looking for ways to improve and reduce our own carbon footprint, all the while offering and maintaining the quality and health of our clients hair services through the use of Davines. We are an eco-conscious team who lead by example by; reducing our electricity and water use, educating our clients on the Davines brand and ethos, and recycling as much as possible. We aspire to deliver only the very best in hairdressing and haircare, all the while inspiring our clients with our green credentials.

At the start of 2017, Davines became a certified B Corporation. B Corporation is a community of leaders and innovators which help solve social and environmental problems around the world, with the goal of achieving positive movement for people and the planet. Pertaining to their own ethos of sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, Davines is a perfect addition to the B Corporation team.

Davines are a brand that are only going from strength to strength. They are constantly inspiring a generation of hairdressers, and through this clients who are becoming more mindful of; the planet, the products that they using and how this affects the world and economic changes.
Towards the end of 2017, Davines have made a consistent effort to reduce even more of their carbon footprint through the packaging of their products. As of 2018, 75% of the packaging used for the entire line with be recycled plastic (R.PET), with Davines substituting PET with R.PET for their product bottles and jars. The environmental impact associated with the production of the Alchemic packaging was measured to be able to compensate by supporting global reforestation projects through the purchase of carbon credits.

To learn more about Davines and Samuel David Eco Salon, head on over to The Salon page here!

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