February Trending: Slick Back Hair

1 February, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

Are you brave enough for the chop?

Our favourite hairstyle this month at Samuel David Eco Salon isn’t for the faint of heart! The Slick Back style has gained increasing popularity since the start of 2017, making it’s way slowly into the spotlight on our catwalks, fashion shows and even inspired from TV and film. You only need look at Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders and Eleven’s rebellious outing in Stranger Things Season 2 for this striking and distinct look!
TV presenter Emma Willis has embraced this style for some time, with other celebrities such as; Emma Watson, Cara Delevinge, Kirsten Stewart and Ruby Rose.

Our style designer Wendy decided to overhaul her hair this month and start rocking the slick back look. Keeping some length in the top part of the hair allows for a completely diverse hairstyle which can be worn two ways, with an all over slick or left slightly ruffled to allow wear on either side.

Slick Back Cut

Emma Willis of Celebrity Big Brother has been sporting the slick back hairstyle for a couple of months now. We love how she plays around with the style as much as she can to keep it fresh and diverse during her presenting duties. However Emma wears it, it completely compliments her fashion and dress sense, sometimes leaving it in a laid back and undone style, or adding a punk-rock quiff to accentuate her wardrobe.

After the rush of the Twilight Saga movies ended, Kristen Stewart completely overhauled her image as soon as the camera’s stopped rolling! Going slightly shorter with her hair at every event she attended that same year, K-Stew eventually stopped at the slick back look. This style fits K-Stew perfectly with her easy-going dress sense, style and image.

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