Full Head Flamboyage

Flamboyage – The Natural Hair Colouring Technique

25 October, 2016 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

Davines Flamboyage...

Half Head Flamboyage

Flamboyage, Ombre, Bayolage… it’s been hard not to notice the gradual growing popularity that this diverse new hair trend has been garnering in staggering lengths.
With numerous celebrities picking up the hairstyle in all hues and tones, requests at salons across the world have skyrocketed and showing no signs of slowing down just yet!

The attraction? Whether you’ve gone for a Flamboyage, Ombre, or Bayolage this is a style that needs little attention or effort to maintain.
By using a freehand painting technique, stylists can create a long-lasting and effortless look, meaning you can go for longer without regrowth and colour touch-ups.

The backstory…

Flamboyage is a fantastic and revolutionary hair colour service created by artistic director of Davines, Angelo Seminara.
The technique enhances natural colours by blending bright tones, and creating patterns along the hair length.
This gives the hair a more natural look and reduced growth effect.

Flamboyage offers great versatility and produces natural-looking end results, even when using brighter and more inventive nuances.
The technique can easily be repeated making the colourist’s work extremely simple and fast. It also affords unprecedented creative freedom for short and long looks.

Take a look below at some of our favourite looks from the salon in our gallery!


“I want the hair to look like Nature has done it rather than an artist.
For me a hairstyle or a haircut is never really complete without a beautiful color. I wanted to do something new, very natural and more spontaneous.”
– Angelo Seminara


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