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Hair Colouring: Expectations Vs. Reality

10 August, 2018 - by

Are Pinterest and Instagram destroying hair colour reality?

Hair Meme

We’ve all been there. You spend hours trawling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for that perfect hair inspiration photo to bring to your stylist in the hopes that your hair goals can be achieved. She’s got it, so why can’t I?
Unfortunately we’re finding more and more that clients are bringing in photos that sadly, are not all what they seem. Photoshop has become a pretty huge deal with the pleathora of Pinterest and Instagram aesthetic accounts taking it by storm.
That stunning, pastel silver grey colour? A huge amount of bleaching and time went into it. That gorgeous, vibrant red? It won’t be looking so show -stopping in a month or so.
The harsh reality is, hair colour fades.

The fact is, it’s so easy so photoshop images now with the amount of apps available to social media buffs and marketers, the stunning silver fox you’re seeing might just be too good to be true! Below we’ve used our Senior Stylist Jenna as a hair model, to show you how easy it is to photoshop hair that at times just isn’t achievable without the time and effort it takes to maintain it. (Image Below)

pink photoshopped hair
silver photoshopped hair

We hate to break it to you, but most of the colours you’re finding online like these (images left) are 100% photoshopped and doctored. Colours such as these require a huge commitment from the client, with touch ups of the desired colour because of fading, and around 90% or colours needing bleach to achieve, which means regrowth! Even going from brunette to blonde requires going through the dreaded copper stage, and any image you see online that shows you otherwise isn’t true to life. Images like these unfortunately don’t show the amount of hours it took to achieve it.

Here are some tips when looking for images so you don’t get caught out when looking for inspiration online:

1. Does the hair look real? Is it sitting on the hair too perfect, or like a wig?

2. Can you see parts of the photo which look fake? Does the hair have a strand not coloured the same as the overall colour?

3. Have you seen this model before?

At Samuel David, ALL of our photos and colour transformation videos are 100% real colour. Everything we post on social media and on our website Style Book has very basic editing such as; editing someone out of the background, or sharpening the image to give you a clearer view of the real colour we can achieve.
We strive to create the desired results that our clients are seeking, but most do come with a warning that in reality, colour does fade. Going for those much sought after pastel shades of pink, purple and silver, and even bright red requires a lot of effort to maintain. Our stylists are well equipped with the tools, skills and training it takes to achieve this colour, but that is only half the work required. The rest is up to you!

Take a look at our Style Book now here!

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