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Hair Trend 2018: Cool Copper Colour

24 April, 2018 - by

Embrace 2018's hottest shades of copper...

Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come ✨

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When copper hair is done right, it can look absolutely show stopping and even accentuate your face and natural features, but also bring about a whole new wardrobe for you to play with! Fashion icons and celebrities have rocked copper shades in the past, with many embracing their natural hues. Movie star Emma Stone, although naturally a blonde has dyed her hair many different shades for various film roles in the past, but feels most comfortable as a red head. Red hair works very well with Emma’s skin tone, bringing out that much sought after “dewy” skin. Nicole Kidman is a natural red head, but continually changes up her natural look by adding slices of blonde balayage to give her look more diversity with strawberry blonde tones.
Check out our favourite looks below and how you can achieve this style, whether you’re looking to embrace a new colour with subtle slices of colour, or as a show-stopping red head!

Copper Hair

If you’re toying with the idea of trying out copper tones this year and don’t want to go for full on colour, why not try slices of balayage colour? Our favourite is this rose copper tone created by Charlene in the salon on client Julie (left image). The result is a more subtle overall look, which can really compliment darker roots and tones.
For a full all over colour (right image), we recommend going for a range of copper tones which off set your natural skin tone to add more dimension to your colour. Some copper tones, especially cooler tones against paler skin can make you look washed out, and vice versa going too bold can make pinker skin tones too pronounced. Our stylists at Samuel David Eco Salon are well equipped to pick a range of colours for your individual needs which will create the right amount of balance to really give you that WOW factor! If you’re afraid to try a permanent change, using Davines Finest Pigments line can allow you to colour your hair without too much commitment.

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