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Hairstyle Spotlight: The Return of The Scrunchie

2 October, 2018 - by

Our favourite 80's hair accessory has made a triumphant return, and is taking the fashion world by storm!

Ever since FW2017 Scrunchies have been gradually making their way onto the fashion runways and shows. At first glance you would think that this staple hair accessory, made famous back in the 80’s and 90’s, was just a quirky addition paying homage to this it’s glory days. However, Scrunchies have been increasingly making their way back into every day styling (even back into our accessory box!) and have even sparked the brand invisibobble to create their own version of this 80’s nostalgic gem!

The return of the Scrunchie has sparked a fresh and modern take on ways in which to wear them. Back in the 90’s it was fashionable to wear them in ponytails as high as your hair could possible sit, with hair gel slathered on all those flyaways to make your pony as sleek as possible! Now however, they are more of a subtle fashion accessory, being worn in lower hairstyles, and with messy ‘low-dos’ rather than being the focus of the hairstyle.


Invisibobble has made their own version of the updated Scrunchie, dubbing it the ‘Sprunchie’. The hair accessory uses Invisibobble’s staple materials from its normal range, which help to prevent hair damage and breakage, with added velvet or satin material in different colours and patterns to resemble the original 80’s version.

As they say trends always come back around again, embrace the scrunchie/sprunchie fad now and let your inner 80’s queen come out again!

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