July Trending: The Undercut

3 July, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

The Undercut

As the sun beats down in Bristol this summer bringing us gorgeous (but hot!) weather, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of undercuts leaving our salon. The undercut is a perfect way to reduce the thickness of the hair if you have a lot of it, but also to add a touch of rebelliousness to your everyday hairstyle. Undercuts can be cut into the hair in a number of styles and extremities, meaning you can control exactly how much hair you want to lose and the style you want to create.
So if you’re feeling the heat this summer and are looking for a fashionable option to keeping cool, or just want to reduce the thickness of your hair the undercut is the way to go in 2018!

Kharina Undercut
Slick Back Cut


An undercut can be cut into the hair in numerous ways. The most popular is under the lower sections of the hair, which is most popularly cut into a vertical pattern. However, more and more women are embracing smaller undercuts throughout the side sections of the hair, with some embracing both sides to add a touch of ‘punk’ to ponytails and hair styling. It all depends on how much hair you’re willing to lose, but also the style you currently have, the choice is up to you! Take a look at some of our favourite undercuts from the salon below!

Here’s our very own Style Designer Wendy, embracing an extreme undercut throughout the sides and back, with a slick back style to finish off!

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