Brunette Rose Gold (2) May

May Trending: Rose Brown Colour

1 May, 2018 - by

Rose Brown Hair Colour

Our favourite looks...

Brunette Rose Gold (2) May
Brunette Rose Gold May

Here’s two of our favourite looks this year from the salon, coloured and styled by Charlene using different techniques. In the far right image, Charlene’s client has gone for more of an all over shade of rose brown, to give a fuller effect on the hair. This type of colouring is more permanent which can be maintained by using Davines Alchemic range of red shampoo and conditioner. Colouring of this kind can also be achieved without pre-lightening the hair, which can be damaging.

In the left image, the client has gone for a pre-lightened balayage colour with rose brown used as a toner to give a softer overall look. Using rose gold colouring as a toner will eventually wash out completely from the hair, so regular top ups are needed from time to time. Davines Alchemic red shampoo and conditioner can also be used to help soften and maintain this style once the colour starts to fade. Keeping hair conditioned well by using a deep conditioning mask once a week can also help your hair to hold colour for longer. Stuck for inspiration? Why not check out our Pinterest board for our favourite looks

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