New Alchemic from Davines

2 February, 2018 - by

Sacred Geometry. Sacred Colours.

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Carrying on their ethos of sustainability and viable living, Davines are always looking for new ways to improve their carbon footprint through their entire range of products, more notably Alchemic.
Davines’ re-released Alchemic range offers more nourishment and vibrance when keeping your hair colour looking gorgeous for longer, by increasing the quality of the pigments within the shampoo and conditioners, all the while improving the sustainable packaging.
With the new range, 75% of the packaging used for the entire line with be recycled plastic (R.PET). Davines have substituted PET with R.PET for their product bottles and jars. The environmental impact associated with the production of the Alchemic packaging was measured to be able to compensate by supporting global reforestation projects through the purchase of carbon credits.

silver shampoo davines
red shampoo davines

Shampoo & Conditioner

– Parabens, sulphates and silicone free
– 97% of biodegradable ingredients
– 88% of naturally derived ingredients
– 100% naturally derived surfactants for gently cleansing the hair
– Vitamin B for long-lasting moisturising action
– Increased quality of pure pigments