Toasted Coconut

October Trending: Toasted Coconut Blonde

2 October, 2018 - by

This season's hottest trending blonde shade...

Toasted Coconut
Toasted Coconut 002

Toasted Coconut hair is our trending hairstyle for October. Taking inspiration from toasty evenings by the fire, with marshmallow coloured ends and warm tonal blonde roots, toasted coconut hair is the blonde trend you should be rocking this season!

We love this new look that’s been making the rounds on all our Instagram and Pinterest inspiration pages, and it is a perfect way to update your blonde hair this autumn.

Toasted Coconut hair is created by placing darker blonde colours to the roots and adding cooler/ashy tones to the ends of the hair. This look is perfect for those thinking of giving their regular root touch-up appointments a miss, as adding a darker shade of blonde to the root in the same way as a root smudge, can help hide your regrowth.

Take a look at our gallery below from our in salon Toasted Coconut looks, or head over to our Pinterest page to see some of our inspirational posts here!

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