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30 May, 2017 - by drinkteaeatbiscuits

In order to simplify our pricing structure we have tried to group hair lengths for services into short/medium and long/xlong which are shown on the Davines figure in the bottom left.

One of the main factors contributing to how we price our services is based on how much time we need to book out in our diary. Over the years we have found that in many instances the time needed for short and medium hair was the same, likewise Long and XLong hair also took a similar time. Therefore, in order to simplify the pricing structure both short and medium, long and extra long were grouped and given the same prices and diary times.

The prices shown in the salon overview and individual price lists are the prices at which you will be charged, unless the booked service is incorrect and needs to be changed after consultation.

If, on consultation, extra time is needed to complete your service – either due to the actual hair length and/or density/volume or if additional services are required, the stylist will notify you before they start your service.

Certain items that are marked with ** are not included in any discounts or promotions

Our stylists are consistently learning and developing their skills in all aspects of hairdressing through in-house and external training, primarily with Davines and Allilon but also through other independent training providers.

At Samuel David we have graded our stylists into levels which donate not only the length of time they have been hairdressing but also take into factors like competency, confidence, variety of skill and ongoing training level. Therefore, the stylists age may not have any relevance to their level, ability or pricing.

Level 1

At this level the stylist has passed all the relevant required government training to be classed as a professional hairdresser and has now started their progression training with us involving Allilon and Davines. At this level the stylist may have had experience working within a salon as an apprentice but not necessarily worked a column of ‘real’ clients or had experience of running a basic column of ‘real’ clients but lacked the training level we believe they need in order to move to the next level. The stylist will have a good colour knowledge and be able to apply the vast majority of colour services to a high standard.

Level 2

At this level the stylist will have worked with us for a while and have completed various in-house and external training showing they are competent to run a moderately busy column with confidence. They will be working toward their Allilon Primary Shapes course completion and/or have completed Allilon bespoke training and the Primary Shapes course in-house. The stylist will be developing their colour knowledge with the help of Davines training incorporating more extensive colour correction theory and practice.

Level 3

At this level the stylist will have developed their hairdressing cutting and colouring skills with training from Allilon, Davines and other external training providers and have built up a consistently busy client base within the salon. They will be consistently working to a high standard and have achieved a 4 Star + rating from online and salon feedback reviews. The stylist will be competent in all areas of colour work and working toward their advanced cutting with Allilon Education.

Level 4

At this level the stylist will have excelled in their education and have the ability to understand and communicate effectively with their clients in order to provide them with exceptional service in all areas of hairdressing including barbering and other specialist areas. The stylist will be confident in all the products from Davines and be able to advise on scalp and hair conditions giving the correct prescriptive solutions. They will be fully trained in all areas of colour work, colour correction and hair treatments being able to advise on the best course of action for home hair ‘disasters’. At this level the stylist will have built up a very strong client base and have a wealth of experience under their belt – don’t be fooled by their age as some of the most passionate and brilliant hairdressers are in fact in the early stages of their career

Level 5

At this level the stylist will have worked with us for some time and have built up a steady and strong following becoming known for their quality of work, consistency and passion for the craft. They will take on more of a management role within the team although they will still be working a column and focusing on their clients but at the same time keeping an eye on the lower leveled stylists for training and development opportunities. At this level the stylist will be competent in all areas of hairdressing and barbering.

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