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Samuel David Eco Salon & Sustainable Beauty

15 September, 2017 - by

"Beauty will save the world, and sustainability can make it happen..." - DAVINES

victoria flowers

As a salon, Samuel David carries a beacon for our staple brand, Davines. Davines has always had a very clear vision from the production of all its products. By appreciating, and encouraging people to love and take care of themselves, and the environment in which they live.

Their ideal of beauty is represented in their belief of ‘sustainable beauty’ and minimizing the impact the production of their products has on the environment. It is because of this belief, and their ethics that Samuel David adopted the Davines brand into the salon.

Samuel David is always looking for ways to help the environment, continuing to be eco-friendly and promoting sustainability. In collaboration with Victoria Wren Flowers, our new salon window display for Autumn takes on these very ideas and puts them at the very forefront of our salon.

Victoria Wren uses all natural products and flowers within all of her displays, bouquets and wreaths. Last week she turned Samuel David into a greenhouse wonderland, adding her creativity and flair for floristry into our salon window and hairdressing bays. To see more of Victoria’s work, head on over to

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