angelo seminara scene

SCENE by Angelo Seminara

2 August, 2017 - by

SCENE the new range by Artistic Director for Davines, Angelo Seminara

angelo seminara scene

With Scene, Angelo Seminara has presented a new vision of futuristic aesthetic through styles created within hair. Seminara has seemingly drawn most of his inspiration from geometry as well as keeping Davines’ ethos of their natural, economic and clean persona.

Scene is a combination of both shaping, colour and geometry within the hair to create a striking, yet simplistic effect. The colours Seminara has created using Davines’ line of Vibrachrom, only accentuate and personify the effect he is trying to create within his collection.

Futurism is a subject that never wavers in its endless inspiration and definitions brought about by creative and artistic direction from all who try to capture and present their own interpretations of it. Angelo Seminara’s take on the future brings about a new aesthetic with slices of colour with an almost 3D effect created within his collection.

angelo seminara scene


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