The Wet Brush

4 January, 2018 - by

Say goodbye to split ends with the Wet Brush!

Wet Brush

The Wet Brush is a revolutionary hair brush which has gained an iconic status since its very first release, with many different designs and sizes available. Released by the JD Beauty Group, who are also the makers of the LuxorPro, have been making hair brushes for over 38 years.
Using IntelliFlex bristles, the Wet Brush allows the hair to be detangled without pulling or putting too much undue stress on the hair. The IntelliFlex bristles are made to be thinner than most hair brushes, and flexible so that they can pass through the hair quite easily within one stroke of the brush. The Wet Brush also uses SofTips, which are attached to the end of the IntelliFlex bristles. The SofTips help protect even the most sensitive of scalps and help to detangle the hair with ease.

We brush our hair more than we probably think to keep tangles at bay, using the Wet Brush helps to prevent breakage and damage when styling. At Samuel David Eco Salon, the Wet Brush is our absolute favourite product to use where possible on our all clients, and is a staple within all of our stylist’ kit. Its a versatile product which is perfect for using on women, men and children’s hair, and it is great for use on both wet and dry hair, which helps to prevent those dreaded split ends.

With its IntelliFlex bristles and SofTips, the Wet Brush allows the flexibility that harder bristled brushes are missing when brushing out the hair. As you can see, the bristles are able to move more freely by spreading the hair, distributing and isolating the tangles so that they are more easily brushed out within a few strokes. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of using a Wet Brush and if it could be the very thing you’re missing from your everyday hair care:

– Works great on wet and dry hair
– Perfect for Men, Women and Kids
– For all hair types
– Soft flexible bristles
– Great for hair extensions and wigs

Original Wet Brush – £14.50
Animal Print Wet Brush – £15.95
Natural Wooden Wet Brush – £19.95

Available now from Samuel David Eco Salon!