Why Roucou Is The New Must Have Oil For Your Hair!

7 February, 2018 - by info@sdhair.co.uk

Put down that Argan Oil, and embrace Roucou...

Roucou oil is derived from the annatto seeds of the achiote tree, native to South America, and found in Mexico and the Caribbean. The annatto seeds are burnt orange in colour and are usually added to condiments and food colouring, but when added to most beauty products is clear in colour. Annatto is mostly noted for its intriguing aroma and is the main ingredient within Davines’ Oi range of products.
Coconut, Argan and Moroccan oil have each had their moment in the spotlight with hairdressers, beauty experts and celebrities hailing each as the go to hair care product over the years. Every one of these oils has added benefits for the hair and taking care of its condition, whether it be smoothing split ends, adding nourishment or shine. However, Roucou stands out in comparison with the added bonus of having built in SPF, antioxidant properties and it’s ability to stimulate the production of melanin within the hair.
Take a look below and read our breakdown of the benefits of Roucou, and it’s gaining popularity over all other hair oils.

Roucou oil can be found in every one of Davines’ Oi range of hair products, from the shampoo and conditioner, to the Oi Oil and All In One Milk!

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Benefits of Roucou Oil On The Hair

– Antioxidant properties and UV protection
– Minimizes damage from sun exposure
– Stimulates the production of Melanin
– Rich in beta-carotene
– Stimulates hair growth
– Combats frizz
– Lightweight with no deposit on the hair